Top 10 Financial Mindset Books Part II

Mar 26, 2024

5) The black girl's guide to financial freedom by Paris Woods

The Black Girl’s Guide to Financial Freedom by Dr. Paris Woods is a rare read offering financial strategies specifically for African-American women. A first-generation Harvard graduate, Woods had a humble familial financial background. She, like most readers, learned financial lessons through trial and error. As a result, this book is a quest to educate black women on how to earn financial freedom. Every chapter ends with a summary and an actionable worksheet based on the knowledge learned. Although specifically written for a specific demographic, the information is pertinent for all readers. This book is not theoretical, it is practical application. I am a big fan of Chapter 4: Get Out (the consumerism cycle)


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6) We should all be millionaires by Rachel Rodgers

MILLION DOLLAR LIES: Rachel dives deep into how women are portrayed in the media when it comes to handling money. She also discusses the history of women working, earning an income, and building wealth—and all of the barriers women have to overcome compared to men (and all the ways we are limited).

MILLION DOLLAR DECISIONS: Your new bestie, Rachel, tells you how to stop making Broke Ass Decisions so you can start making Million Dollar Decisions instead. Million Dollar Decisions provide you with more energy, more time, and more space for the things that really matter to you. Many of us women make Broke Ass Decisions because we want to be liked!!! (Yes!) She teaches you a framework for analyzing your decision-making process.

MILLION DOLLAR BOUNDARIES: Whether we are in careers or not, most of the time, women are saddled with the burden of domestic labor on top of whatever other obligations we have going on. Not only are we expected to keep a tidy home, we are usually the ones that keep the household running smoothly (the “invisible” labor): we are keeping track of appointments, what’s on the grocery list, when towels/sheets need to be washed, when the filter needs to be swapped, etc. Rachel insists that we must set boundaries both at work and at home—and they must be enforced or else they aren’t really boundaries.

MILLION DOLLAR SQUAD: Rachel shares that 95% of our success is based on the people we choose to spend time with. She encourages us to find community with other like-minded women who are working towards the same goals

MILLION DOLLAR VISION: This is a fun chapter where you can really dream about and start to plan for your future! Rachel teaches you how to calculate how much your dream life costs every month so you have a tangible number to work towards. She also teaches you how to shift your mindset, start living the life you WANT versus the one you have now (and no, this doesn’t mean spending outside of your means and going into debt), and set goals that are scary because they’re more likely to be achieved than mediocre goals.

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7) The Joy & Responsibility of Stewardship: It's All His Anyway by  Paul J. Meyer

I learned the principle of stewardship  from my grandmother. This is definitely a Christian guide book but I thought it gives a very short but meaningful description of how people should view their relationship with money. I think I paid 3.00 for the book. The price is small but the concept is priceless!

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